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Collection: Finding Information in Databases

1. Adding OU Libraries Resources to Google Scholar

2. America History and Life: How to limit the search to a specific historical period

3. Cited Reference Searching in Web of Science

4. Early American Imprints: advanced searching

5. Early American Imprints: search options

6. Early American Imprints: What's in it?

7. Finding an article based on its citation

8. Finding articles on French literature

9. Finding English language resources in Japan Knowledge Plus

10. Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles in ERIC

11. Finding scholarly articles in Google Scholar

12. Locating dissertations and theses

13. Researching with CINAHL - Formatting records in APA

14. Researching with CINAHL - Reading and emailing records

15. Researching with CINAHL - Refining results

16. Researching with CINAHL - Searching with controlled vocabularies

17. Saving Searches & Setting up Alerts: PUBMED

18. SciFinder Patent Searching: Finding chemistry in full-text patents with PatentPak

19. SciFinder Patent Searching: Understanding the types of Markush searches

20. SciFinder Patent Searching: Understanding the value of a Markush structure search

21. SciFinder Reaction Search: Comparison of reaction search types

22. SciFinder Reaction Searching: Group reactions by transformation or document

23. SciFinder Reaction Searching: Search for specific reactions or reaction type

24. SciFinder Reaction Searching: Understand reaction details

25. SciFinder Reaction Searching: Use SciPlanner to plan a synthesis project

26. SciFinder Reference Searching: Search by author name

27. SciFinder Reference Searching: Search for a specific topic

28. SciFinder Reference Searching: Understand reference details

29. SciFinder Structure Searching: Comparison of structure search types

30. SciFinder Structure Searching: Conduct an exact structure search

31. SciFinder Structure Searching: Conducting a similarity structure search

32. SciFinder Structure Searching: Input structures using the drawing editor

33. SciFinder Structure Searching: Manage substitution with structure drawing tools

34. SciFinder Structure Searching: Understand substance details

35. SciFinder Structure Searching: Use a structure to find compounds

36. Searching for foreign-language material in JSTOR

37. Setting up RSS Feeds and Alerts from databases

38. Using GET IT to Find Full-text Articles


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