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Collection: Using Databases

1. A Sample Search of PsycINFO

2. Adding OU Libraries Resources to Google Scholar

3. America History and Life: how to limit the search to a specific historical period

4. Cited Reference Searching in Web of Science

5. Citing PsycTESTS in APA Style

6. Credo Reference - Take a Topic Page Tour

7. Early American Imprints: search options

8. Early American Imprints: What's in it?

9. Find Three Peer-Reviewed Empirical Articles in PsycINFO via ProQuest

10. Finding articles on French literature

11. Finding English language resources in Japan Knowledge Plus

12. Finding Prepublication Articles (PsycINFO "First Posting") via ProQuest

13. Finding Supporting Documentation for Tests in PsycTESTS via ProQuest

14. Finding the Tests in PsycTESTS via ProQuest

15. How (and Why) to use the APA Thesaurus When Searching PsycINFO

16. Locating research articles in CINAHL

17. PsycTESTS on ProQuest: Fees, Permissions, and Other Factors

18. PsycTESTS: How to Submit Your Test

19. Reliability and Validity in PsycTESTS via ProQuest

20. Researching with CINAHL - APA help

21. Researching with CINAHL - Reading records

22. Researching with CINAHL - Using CINAHL Headings

23. Researching with CINAHL - Using Limits

24. Saving Searches & Setting up Alerts:PUBMED

25. SciFinder Patent Searching: Finding chemistry in full-text patents with PatentPak

26. SciFinder Patent Searching: Understanding the types of Markush searches

27. SciFinder Patent Searching: Understanding the value of a Markush structure search

28. SciFinder Reaction Search: Comparison of reaction search types

29. SciFinder Reaction Searching: Search for specific reactions or reaction type

30. SciFinder Reaction Searching: Understand reaction details

31. SciFinder Reaction Searching: Use SciPlanner to plan a synthesis project

32. SciFinder Reference Searching: Search by author name

33. SciFinder Reference Searching: Search for a specific topic

34. SciFinder Reference Searching: Understand reference details

35. SciFinder Structure Searching: Comparison of structure search types

36. SciFinder Structure Searching: Conduct an exact structure search

37. SciFinder Structure Searching: Conducting a similarity structure search

38. SciFinder Structure Searching: Input structures using the drawing editor

39. SciFinder Structure Searching: Manage substitution with structure drawing tools

40. SciFinder Structure Searching: Understand substance details

41. SciFinder Structure Searching: Use a structure to find compounds

42. Searching for foreign-language material in JSTOR

43. Setting up RSS Feeds and Alerts from databases

44. Using Opposing Viewpoints in Context

45. Using the APA Thesaurus to search PsycINFO

46. Using the Methodology Limiter in PsycINFO on ProQuest


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