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1. A Sample Search of PsycINFO

2. AMA Citation Guide

3. Backchannels and Scholarly Uses of Twitter

4. Cited Reference Searching Tools

5. Different types of information sources

6. Distinguishing peer-reviewed from other scholarly articles

7. Evaluating Information: Accuracy

8. Evaluating Information: Appropriateness

9. Evaluating Information: Authority

10. Evaluating Information: Currency

11. Evaluating Information: Relevance

12. Find Three Peer-Reviewed Empirical Articles in PsycINFO via ProQuest

13. Finding an article based on its citation

14. Finding articles on French literature

15. Finding peer-reviewed articles

16. Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles in ERIC

17. Finding Quality Sources

18. Finding scholarly articles in Google Scholar

19. How (and Why) to use the APA Thesaurus When Searching PsycINFO

20. Is it peer-reviewed?

21. Is this article from a peer-reviewed source?

22. JSTOR: Exporting References to RefWorks

23. Locating nursing research articles in CINAHL

24. Locating primary sources for a history assignment

25. OUR@Oakland FAQ - How do I submit my research?

26. OUR@Oakland FAQ - What can OUR@OAKLAND do for you?

27. OUR@Oakland FAQ- What types of content can be deposited?

28. Peer Reviewed Articles

29. Peer Reviewed Journals

30. Peer Reviewed Sources: A sequenced tutorial

31. Peer Reviewed Sources: Locating Peer Reviewed Articles

32. Peer Reviewed Sources: Non-Peer Reviewed Sources

33. Peer Reviewed Sources: The Peer Review Process

34. ProQuest Databases: Exporting References to RefWorks

35. Recognizing peer-reviewed articles

36. SAGE Journals: Exporting Reference to RefWorks

37. Scholarly Sources: A sequenced tutorial

38. Scholarly Sources: Locating Scholarly Books/Chapters

39. Scholarly Sources: Locating Scholarly Journals/Articles

40. Scholarly Sources: Non-Scholarly Sources

41. Scholarly Sources: Scholarly Books and Book Chapters

42. Scholarly Sources: Scholarly Journals and Journal Articles

43. Searching for foreign-language material in JSTOR

44. Setting up RSS Feeds and Alerts from databases

45. Studies

46. Synopses of Studies

47. Synopses of Syntheses

48. Syntheses

49. Using GET IT to Find Full-text Articles

50. Using New RefWorks Part 3: Getting information into your account

51. Using New RefWorks Part 5: Reading and annotating documents

52. Using the APA Thesaurus to search PsycINFO

53. Using the Methodology Limiter in PsycINFO on ProQuest


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